Bad Windshield? No Problem

How To Know When It's Time To Replace Your Windshield

Some minor windshield damage can be fixed quickly with a few simple tools, but you may need an auto windshield replacement if your windshield has more serious problems. Even though you probably don't want to have to invest money into getting a new windshield, a windshield replacement may offer you a better, more reliable solution than simply trying to repair your windshield without solving the real problem. Here are a few instances when an auto windshield replacement is likely a better alternative to windshield repair.

Major Damage

A few cracks and dings can usually be repaired to salvage the windshield, but major windshield damage is usually best resolved with a windshield replacement. Large cracks that extend across much of the windshield or multiple circular bullseye cracks can interfere with your vision while you're trying to drive, and a windshield replacement may be your only solution. You should definitely get a new windshield if any part of your current windshield has shattered and left the inside of your vehicle exposed to the elements.

Windshield Pitting

A windshield tends to form pits in it over time as parts of the glass start to wear down from dirt and debris hitting the windshield while the vehicle is in motion. These pits can make seeing through the windshield more difficult when light reflects off of them. Your glass may also eventually crack or shatter entirely if the pits get deep enough. Shallow pits can often be smoothed over with special equipment to save the windshield, but an auto windshield replacement may be in order if the pits are larger and deeper.

A Loose Windshield

Your windshield may have become loose, and the windshield could fall out of place completely if the problem isn't fixed. If you hear rattling noises coming from your windshield while you're driving, chances are that the windshield isn't securely in place. Possible reasons why your windshield has loosened are that the glass has weakened or isn't the correct size for your vehicle, and replacing the windshield with glass that stays in place may be your best option.

Cheaper Than Repairing

Minor windshield repair work is usually inexpensive, but you might find that the cost of repairing your windshield outweighs the cost of a windshield replacement in some cases. If your windshield has damage in multiple areas, you should find out the cost of a windshield replacement to determine if this option is cheaper. The service provider that you choose for your windshield work may also offer a special deal on a windshield replacement that can save you money over repair work.

Several factors should be considered when you're making the decision of whether to repair or replace your windshield. An auto expert can give you further advice and help you decide if an auto windshield replacement is right for your vehicle.