Bad Windshield? No Problem

Reasons To Choose Solar Auto Glass During Windshield Replacement

Your car's windshield has the primary task of ensuring you and other passengers in your vehicle are protected from strong winds, flying detritus, insects, and so on as your drive. Thus, the moment it acquires damage, it is imperative that you seek windshield replacement services or you will be unable to drive your car until you do so.

The mistake some motorists make when seeking these services is opting for the previous type of auto glass employed for their windshield and, subsequently, do not enjoy any additional benefits, yet auto glass technology has evolved drastically over the years. And one innovative option that you should consider is solar auto glass. If you have never heard of this option before, keep reading for persuasive reasons why you should choose solar auto glass during windshield replacement.

What is it?

Solar auto glass comprises of two layers of laminated glass that enclose an interlayer that is typically made out of specialized plastic, which has been treated with metal oxides. Depending on the type of solar auto glass that you choose, this type of windshield will either reflect or absorb harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays from the sun while maintaining the clarity of the auto glass. While the auto glass is clear, you can rest assured that both harmful rays and radiant heat are being blocked out of your vehicle.

Why should you choose solar auto glass when replacing your windshield?

One of the first advantages of investing in solar auto glass during windshield replacement is enhanced comfort in the interior of your car. By absorbing or deflecting infrared rays, the solar glass prevents redundant warmth from accumulating in your cabin. Thus, you do not have to turn up the air conditioner to dissipate this heat whenever you enter your car, particularly during the summer.

Speaking of air conditioning, the second advantage of solar auto glass is that it minimizes your reliance on this system. The less dependent you are on your AC to cool the interior of your car, the less fuel your vehicle consumes, and this is not only great for the environment, but it is beneficial to your pocket too.

Thirdly, if your interior upholstery is made from real leather, faux leather, or other types of delicate supplies, the solar auto glass will help preserve their lifespan by protecting them from extreme heat. Therefore, you do not have to worry about cracking, fading, or discoloration that would necessitate paying for reupholstering services.

Reach out to a professional to discuss your options when it comes to windshield replacement